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Washington State COVID-19 Tracking

Friday May 8, 2020 | Featured, Pandemic Tracking, Washington Tracking

How many COVID19 cases, positives, and tests have been reported in Washington State?  We offer this select set of annotated links to help you understand the Covid19 status in Washington State.

Washington State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19)

Washington State Coronavirus Response (COVID-19) is Washington State’s official COVID-19 site, maintained by the state Joint Information Center. The Joint Information Center is part of the Washington State Emergency Operations Center operated out of Camp Murray. This site provides links to official information from a wide range of trusted sources, including government and community services. The resources on the page include those for:

  • Government Emergency Actions
  • You & Your Family
  • Travelers and Commuters
  • Business & Workers
  • Health Care
  • Childcare/K-12/Higher Education

Washington State Department of Health

King County Department of Health

Tracking COVID-19 in Washington State

Bing Search COVID-19 Tracker – Washington Counties

Opportunity Insights: Economic Tracker

The Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker tracks the economic impacts of COVID-19 on people, businesses, and communities across the United States in real time. Washington State data can be visualized, downloaded, and some can be disaggregated to county and zip code level. The Tracker combines anonymized data from leading private companies – from credit card processors to payroll firms – to provide a real-time picture of indicators such as employment rates, consumer spending, and job postings across counties, industries, and income groups.

Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation

Washington’s own Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, an independent research institute at the University of Washington, is sharing the results and methods of their COVID-19 State Projections of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Their model illustrates “the curve” over time and compared to available hospital beds, ICU beds, and need ventilators.

Institute of Disease of Modelling

Washington’s own Institute of Disease Modelling develops and shares computational modeling tools to advise policymakers, promote quantitative decision-making and advance scientific methodologies. IDM is an institute within the Global Good Fund, a collaboration between Intellectual Ventures and Bill and Melinda Gates.  IDM’s COVID-19 InfoHub contains research reports, county level maps, simulation models of COVID-19 spread and analyses for Washington State.


COVID19_Help_WA Test Results Widget

  • {Currently offline} We have our own widget tracking the growth of testing and COVID-19 cases at WA COVID-19 Test Results.

Tableau Public

The COVID Tracking Project

  • Raw data can be hard to find. The COVID Tracking Project collects information from 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and 5 other US territories to provide the most comprehensive testing data we can collect for the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.  Follow this link to the Washington State COVID19 Data and follow on Twitter at @COVID19Tracking or get a direct fix by accessing through API, JSON, or CSV. 

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