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This website was last updated on May 15, 2020. The information in the posts may not be correct at this time. Please see the About page for additional information.

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About Us

Mission Accomplished: This Site is no longer maintained.

When began early in the pandemic, there was a public information gap as local non-profits, social service agencies, government agencies, and philanthropists struggled to react to the emergent crisis and explosion of needs. Helped by mentions by the New York Times, the Seattle Times, and local social media, this website guided thousands of Washingtonians to vital resources and to opportunities to help others.  By mid-May 2020, we could see that long-standing community-based organizations, statewide nonprofits, and local government had revamped their websites, services, and priorities to meet the needs of those seeking information and help. We endeavored to fill gaps, aggregate great content, and get viewers quickly off our pages and to primary sources of information and vital services. Rather than drawing any effort or attention from the primary service providers we aimed to promote, the website updates stopped on May 15, 2020. 

We were Seattle volunteers working to help meet the need for information and resources for those who need help and those who wish to offer help during the COVID-19 pandemic in Washington State.

We aim(ed) to:

  • Provide curated content with links to highly regarded resources and institutions.
  • The site is non-political, non-religious, and non-commercial.
  • We cite our sources and provide direct links and credit to the content creators.

Disclaimer: This site is not a source of medical advice or breaking news. We do our best to validate the organizations and donation opportunities that we present, however we take no responsibility for the content on outside links, the use of donated funds, nor do we warrant the accuracy of the information at external sites. We do our best and only post links of agencies and efforts with broad community recognition.

The site was created by and is edited by Don S. Doering, a Seattle resident and philanthropy professional.

Thank you for visiting!

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