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Mega-list of Home Learning Resources for Kids

Wednesday March 18, 2020 | Education, Featured, Parenting

Below is a mind-blowing list of over 200 educational resources for remote learning, teaching, homeschooling, and for exercising the minds and bodies of kids, teens, and adults. The list is the long-term project of Joy and Rick Rosson. First compiled for friends and families, they a generously sharing their effort to help others during the COVID19 pandemic and school closures. Joy Rosson is a former classroom teacher mom who has homeschooled her teenage son since he was four. She also educates others on all areas of wellness (physical, emotional, familial, and financial) with a focus on non-toxic living in all areas of life. You can follow her at or

Know of other resources? Use our submission form to share. We’re still sorting into categories but couldn’t wait to share!

Advanced Learning, Adult Learning

Coding, Cryptography, and Computers


Engineering, STEM, and Finance

  • 3 Free Weeks of Maker Stations to keep your children creating at home! Each challenge includes simple instructions using materials around the house, QR code video resources, and a student recording sheet.
  • Banzai exposes students to real-world financial dilemmas to teach them the importance of smart money management.
  • Kids Think Design explores careers in fashion design, graphic design, interior design, book design, product design, film and theatre, architecture, animation, and environmental design.
  • A collection of hundreds of free K-12 STEM resources, from standalone models and simulations to short activities and week long sequences of curriculum materials.
  • Engineering challenges with things you have at home…/

Exercise, Yoga, and Movement

  • Educational brain breaks to help students review essential literacy and math skills, while getting in some exercise. Find over 900 videos to help your child keep learning at home and burn off some extra energy. Our site is best used for ages 4-At home OT, PT, and ST resources designed to build skills in children through movement and play.
  • Kid-friendly workouts — choose from Strength for Kids, Agility for Kids, Flexibility and Balance for Kids, Warm-Up for Kids, Cooldown for Kids, Stand Up and Move for Kids, OR create your own custom kid workout.
  • Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.
  • Free at-home kids yoga lesson plans

Farms and Animals

Foreign Language

History and Civics

Hobbies and Misc.

Homeschool and General Learning

Math and more Math

Music and Arts

National Parks, Nature, Out-of-Doors

Puzzles, Crafts, and Learning Fun

Reading, Literature, Language Arts, and Phonics

Science, General

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General Science

Science: Space, Astronomy, Geology, and Geography

Social Emotional Learning

Toddlers and Pre-K

Virtual World Travel, World Culture, and Museums

Writing, Spelling, and Keyboarding


  • No need to travel to one of the Smithsonian’s zoos or museums — this website brings your child everything from live video of the National Zoo to the Smithsonian Learning Lab right to their screen
  • The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour!

28 Uncategorized and Equally Great Resources – Most are General Education

  1. Educational games K-12
  2. Science, Math, Social Studies
  3. 8.
  4. 7,000 free videos in 13 subject areas
  5. Carmen Sandiego videos, stories, and lessons for all subject Areas
  6. Entertaining & educational videos for all levels and subjects
  7. Online education program for toddler through high school…
  8. Free printables library with activities for children 0-6
  9. Scads of free resources, games, learning resources, and lesson plans for teaching personal finance
  10. Daily lessons and educational activities that kids can do on their own
  11. Quick & easy at home projects curated for kids 2 and up
  12. PreK-12 digital media service with more than 30,000 learning materials
  13. Curricular content hub specifically designed for K-3 students.…
  14. For students to practice and master whatever they are learning.
  15. Critical Thinking resources for K-6 students
  16. Short videos and readings that answer various burning questions for students. There are vocabulary challenges and comprehension questions.
  17. Miscellaneous games for all subjects k-8
  18. PreK – 5 games for all subjects
  19. Free stories online ages 3-12
  20. News and more for kids
  21. Work on the 8 parts of speech
  22. All sorts of learning here if you dig in
  23. Resource section includes free flashcards, coloring pages, worksheets, and other resources for children, teachers, and parents.
  24. Cool Kid Facts gives your child access to educational videos, pictures, quizzes, downloadable worksheets, and infographics. They can use these to learn about geography, history, science, animals, and even the human body.
  25. Brainscape offers over a million flashcard decks for every subject, entrance exam, and certification imaginable.
  26. Alcumus is specifically designed to provide high-performing students with a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities
  27. Find and fix learning gaps
  28. Education for kids all topics

Thank you so much to Joy and Rick Rosson for sharing this list. Have other links, use our submission form to share!


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