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Health Insurance and Coronavirus in Washington State

Thursday March 19, 2020 | Health & Medical, Paying Bills

Will my health insurance cover COVID-19 testing and treatment?

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner of Washington State has a clear Coronavirus page and a list of topics and includes the emergency order to all health insurers in the state to cover COVID19 testing visits. Other topics covered are:

Health Insurance FAQs

  • Will my insurance cover testing and treatment for COVID-19?
  • Is testing free? Is the patient exam free?
  • Will my health insurer waive my deductible since this has been declared an emergency?
  • What if I have a high-deductible health plan with a health-savings account?
  • What guidance are you giving to health insurers, if any?
  • Will my health plan allow me to refill my prescriptions early so I can have a 30-day supply on hand?

There are links to information: For insurers and medical providers, Information for business, Travel insurance, General Information on coronavirus.

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